Gifu Kyoritsu University

An Introduction to Gifu Kyoritsu University

Studying at Gifu Kyoritsu University as an international student

Gifu Kyoritsu University was founded in 1967 in the city of Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture in response to strong demands from, and with the active support of, the local government, educational sector and business community. Now, over fifty years later, the University encompasses three faculties, five departments and a graduate school, offering courses in Business Administration Information Sciences and Welfare Policy, in addition to a Japanese language program for international students.

In accordance with Gifu Kyoritsu University's mission to foster the development of capable, contributing members of society, we offer a broad range of options for both education and research. Today, almost 23,000 graduates in Japan can attest to our flexible and open-minded academic tradition and to the beautiful natural surroundings of the University campus.

Gifu Kyoritsu University now actively recruits international students, and offers a variety of study programs, including a one-year Japanese language course, a four-year undergraduate program, and a two-year graduate program. At Gifu Kyoritsu University we welcome all enthusiastic and motivated international students.

Graduate school / Undergraduate program / Language Program

Graduate school

  • Graduate School of Business Administration Master's Program (Two years)

Undergraduate Schools

School of Economics
  • Department of Economics (Four years)
  • Department of Public Policy (Four years)
School of Business Administration
  • Information and Media Studies (Four years)
  • Department of Sports Management (Four years)
School of Nursing
  • Department of Nursing

Language Program

  • Japanese Language Program for International Students (One year)

Gifu Kyoritsu University: a history


Ogaki Sogo Gakuen Educational Foundation


Yoshitaka Taguchi(SEINO HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. President,Chief Operating Officer)


Haruhiko Takeuchi


April 1967
University opens (Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics)
April 1986
Department of Industrial Business Administration opens within the Faculty of Economics
April 1994
Faculty of Business Administration (Department of Strategic Management and Business Policy, Department of Administrative Information Sciences) opens
※Department of Industrial Business Administration, Faculty of Economics is integrated into the Department of Strategic Management within the Faculty of Business Administration.
April 2000
Faculty of Economics opens Department of Welfare Policy and Community Studies
April 2001
Graduate School of Business Administration (Master's Program) opens
Launch of Japanese Language Program for International Students
April 2006
Department of Sports Management opens within the Faculty of Business Administration
April 2019
School of Nursing opens with Department of Nursing.

The city of Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture, Japan - location of Gifu Kyoritsu University

The city of Ogaki - home to Gifu Kyoritsu University - is located in Gifu Prefecture, in the middle of Japan between the large urban centers of Nagoya and Kyoto. Ogaki has a population of around 150,000, with manufacturing as the main industry, complemented by the growing production of computer software in more recent years.

Nestled near the Japan Alps, Gifu Prefecture has one of the most attractive natural environments in Japan, and is well-balanced between economic development and protection of these natural surroundings. The area is thus particularly inspiring to the students of the University.


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